Broadband Access for Innovation and Regional Development


Enterprises which do not use broadband technologies or which do not have access to broadband internet are facing massive competitive disadvantages. Jobs in rural areas are endangered and unavoidable migration of enterprises and industries will affect these regions additionally. To support development in rural areas it is necessary to provide cost-efficient broadband access points.

Rural areas are therefore faced with special challenges.
> Local enterprises must be linked to research and development networks for balancing rough edges in competetiveness
> Communication between loacl authorities has to be enhanced in order to enable a distribution of tasks in reference to better serve citizens. This e-Government, supported by web-based solutions, helps to save resources on local budgets.
> The migration of comanies and industries from rural areas to agglomerations must be stopped by establishing a strong communication structure, which offers permanent access to information sources and telecommuting.


The BIRD project is a strategic project. It aims at exchanging proven knowledge and successful experience in order to promote the implementation of broadband between the different project partners.

The strategic approach of the BIRD project will lead to:
> a sound, partice-oriented analysis and description of the present situation;
> a description of existing best-practice examples;
> recommendations for providing cost-effective broadband access as a tool for regional development in rural areas of the North Sea Region;
> a forum for all rural areas of the North Sea Region which are interested in investments in broadband infrastructure;
> local use case studies with business and investment plans as well as operational models;
> compendium of the project idea end its results.

General information
Lead Partner: Landkries Osterholz (Germany)
Contact: Tim Brauckmüller and Ulrich Müller
ProArbeit kAöR Pappstrasse 3, D-27711 Osterholz-Sharmbeck, Gemrany

Project duration: May 1006 until June 2008

The project is part-financed by the European Interreg IIIB North Sea Region programme. The BIRD project has partners for Norway (Stavanger Univeristy), the Netherlands (Noorderpoort College), UK (Norfolk County and Region East Englenad), Sweden (Högskolan Boras), Denmark (EU Vest and Noerre Djust Computer Support Community) and Belgium (Intercommunale Leiedal). It is one of the Interreg III B projects that are realised by the Department of Broadband and Technology Transfer of the County of Osterholz.