Broadband Days


While large-scale enterprises have already completely transferred to broadband, local area networks and many small and medium sized enterprises often still have to catch up with developments. Rural areas in particular are not completely covered by broadband infrastructures. In our digital economy the absence of broadband internet means a significant location disadvantage which finally can lead to a decrease of business tax payers as well as a decrease in employment in the communes. Discussions with stakeholders and decision makers in those communes that are still lacking broadband structure revealed that it would be profitable to have a public debate on this. The target of the International Lower Saxony Broadband Days (22-23 May 2006) was to create a dialogue between contractors in the field of broadband technology and users in local authority and medium sized and small businesses. The attention shifted to the integration of the regions and the use of new applications for improving the competitiveness of rural areas.

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Special interest European trade fair and congress for political involvement
County of Osterholz
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