Business Database Waregem


The business mapping application of Waregem allows the city to understand and see all the information relating to all the businesses on its territory, irrespective of where this information comes from: federal, Flemish or from its own data sources. Waregem was the very first municipality in Belgium to obtain a full and up-to-date picture of all its (4,500) companies. Information about all these companies is available electronically, including: the nature of activities, location of activities, number of employees, annual account, export destinations etc. The system links different databases from different government levels beefed up with address-based data and information entered by businesses themselves. Thanks to this application, the city understands all the movements of its businesses: new business locations, change of statutes, bankruptcies, relocations etc. Information that is invaluable for a city's economic policy, its spatial planning, and its employment and mobility policies. The database can be consulted by citizens (name, street, activity, VAT number) and updated by the businesses themselves. The system is built on top of the LoG-IN Generic Information Infrastructure.

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Business Database Waregem