Community Network Groningen


Community Network is a glass fibre network in the whole city of Groningen. It is an 'open network': the infrastructure is separate from the services. A connected organization is free to choose any service supplier on Groningen Internet Exchange (GN-IX). This improved market competition considerably. Prices have gone down and supply has grown: about 30 suppliers offer their services at GN-IX. The Community Network Groningen is unique not only because it is an open network, but also because the initiative comes from the users themselves and activities are developed for them, it has a low-budget high bandwidth, there is freedom of choice in services and suppliers; there are no network investments necessary for service suppliers and it is a breeding ground for innovation.

Short description: 
A glass fibre network aimed at better competition in the local telecom-market and a growing number of users with access to affordable broadband connections
Noorderpoort college