Digital Social House Harelbeke


The Digital Social House Harelbeke is a web-based public services catalogue giving citizens or companies a clear view of what the local administration has to offer, by identifying the public services, (e.g. permits, information and support), by describing these services in a consistent way and by presenting the information in an user-friendly way. Questions answered in a product catalogue include: What is this service about? Who is this service intended for? Is this service free or charged and what are the different steps in the procedure? The system is used by the so-called First Line Service and allows officers to see all services that apply to a particular person in a particular situation, all services offered by any company, the procedures involved etc. The application is built around a database which allows multiple views. The system is the Belgian adaptation of the UK ESD approach to municipal services. The application is currently being tested by the companies involved. In 2007 the application was selected as Flemish Best Practice Solution for local authorities.

Short description: 
To guarantee accessibility for elderly people, people with mobility problems and people in wheelchairs.