The Djursland International Institute of Rural Wireless Broadband (DIIRWB) was created in order to pass on the experiences and knowledge acquired from building DjurslandS.net, a huge non-commercial wireless landscapenet run by rural people themselves. In a rural area of 300 kmĀ², the landscape is now covered by 300 overlapping radio nodes. Due to antenna amplification, each can be reached from settlements at distances up to 5 km. Each of 6000 rural households, institutions and firms, containing 1/4t of the population or 20000 individuals - have through wireless infrastructure 4 megabit broadband, both up and down. The full expense over 4 years for a rural household has only been 1/3th of the average market price in cities for similar service through ADSL. At DIIRWB students, both from rural areas and from impoverished urban areas, can learn - in a very practical manner - how to build good community networks with cheap wireless broadband access to the global information society. The emphasis of the teaching is on bridging the growing technological- and social divide through self-organization.

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Regional e-community building with volunteers
The Computer Support Community on Djursland
Rural Internet at 1/3 of City Prices - lessons learned from the DjurslandS.net experience1.28 MB