Today students at universities and in higher education are offered, and required to use, a rapidly increasing number of electronic services. This means that students are forced to remember a multitude of user IDs, passwords and login procedures. A lot of time is spent on logging into different mail systems, trying to find passwords and links to various sites. Students have begun to experience this as a paradox: on the one hand there are simply too many sites, services, mails and text messages, on the other hand there is the frustration that it is still not possible to accomplish a lot of things electronically. As a solution to this situation, the e-Me was invented. e-Me is an electronic assistant that takes care of a lot of students' boring tasks. The idea of e-Me is to turn the internet around so a student can have his or her very own dedicated internet 'home service'. This is where schools, authorities and companies will have to go if they want to contact students. Instead of the student of having to log on to numerous sites, fill out forms and sift through uninteresting offers.

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e-Me, your assistant managing broadband services
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