Electronic learning


Students are much better at dealing with ICT than most of their teachers. Designing adequate e-learning material is an art, which is not (yet) taught in teacher training programs. Therefore, a lot of "do-it yourself" is going on, which is often the positive initiative of a number of creative teachers who are interested in ICT for teaching purposes. The problem is that there are many different approaches, not all of them of good quality. Although e-learning has a clearly innovative aspect it is still not regarded as a major learning method. Learning supported by ICT is still in its early stages and the huge possibilities it can offer are still to be discovered, or they are simply not known to many teachers. Broadband and multimedia facilities will have a major impact on learning and teaching in the near future. This is a training program for teachers who are interested in new learning methods supported by ICT.

Short description: 
E-learning opens a new world of learning and teaching; a basic course for teachers on new didactical approaches via ICT
Noorderpoort College