One of the main aims of the LoG-IN project is to improve the exchange of data between local and higher administrative levels by using technical networks. This serves to optimize the quality of local government administrative services for regional business by way of electronic services, with a resultant increase in competitiveness. The supply and processing of spatial data has a central role to play in the project. The LoG-IN Generic Information Infrastructure is a powerful internet infrastructure shared by 35 local authorities from 3 countries. The GII allows the local authorities to create tailored map-based applications that use local and central government data. All tools can be defined, managed and monitored using a regular browser. End users can access the address-driven data through any device or software tool that supports OGC international standards as well as mobile phones, PDA's etc. The GII will make it possible for users to access heterogeneous databases with the aid of web services, and make them available for further processing, irrespective of their original format.

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35 local authorities, 3 countries, 1 machine, a thousand applications
Belgium, UK, Germany
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