A decisive and prominent trend in recent years has been the shift from global to local use of internet. The same trend is seen in TV-media. The regional IPTV turns television into an internet platform for all county citizens and border regions. It allows the user a quick and extensive summary of the county's infrastructure, refers to additional interactive possibilities in the county and acts as a portal for the regionally produced internet TV. To achieve this our IPTV becomes a multimedia communicator for the town and region. The key for successful and uncomplicated guidance and the easy sourcing of understandable information. All important offers can be found in clear and minimized surveys. Users do not have to click through hundreds of pages to find the information they want. The guide to information (e.g. authorities) is limited to key information (subject, partners, opening times, document masters, e-mail- and phone number).

Short description: 
Broadband Services for local needs, the IP TV is the killer application of the Web2.0
City of Osterholz-Scharmbeck