Regional partnerships


An unforeseen side-effect of the ICT4SMEs project was the development of a close relationship between Noorderpoort College Groningen in the Netherlands and Rogaland Education Center Stavanger in Norway. Both institutes are involved in Vocational Education and Training (VET) and further professional development. Together with the regional job agencies and Eures Cross-border they set up a project to tackle the lack of a skilled workforce in the Rogaland region by developing special training courses for unemployed workers in the Groningen region. As soon as these workers acquire the necessary qualifications, e.g. safety training, they can be sent to Stavanger and surroundings to take up well paid jobs. This mobility project will eventually be supported by an airline company, which is planning direct flights three times a week between Groningen and Stavanger.

Short description: 
Development of a cross-border labour market where mobility stands for employability
Nooderpoort College