Self-service Library Avelgem


Libraries are increasingly the cornerstones for service salivery (could this be providing services) in local authorities. Libraries - and librarians - have a potentially important role to play in today's knowledge society. However the labor-intensive in-out procedures for books results in repetitive and uninspiring work for librarians, limited opening hours, error-prone procedures and no added value. In may 2006 the book traffic in the library in Avelgem was completely automated and linked to electronic identity cards. Each of the 40,000 books, publications and digital media of the library were fitted with an RFID chip, which enables identification by means of radio waves. This enables self-service terminals to automatically register whether a book or other item is borrowed or returned. Visitors identify themselves by means of their electronic identity card (eID) or by means of the library reader card. Visitors can consult the catalogue, reserve books or apply for an extension of the borrowing period online using their eID.

Short description: 
Combining the electronic identity card and RFID technology to create a full self-service library
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