Solving Missing Links


One of the key conditions for offering back-office integrated electronic services is that all connectivity bottlenecks between government departments should be solved. A typical characteristic of a local authority is that its buildings are scattered around the municipal territory. Cost-effective solutions were engineered for six local authorities to solve this Missing Link connectivity bottleneck. The solutions were characterized by a pragmatic overview of the best available technology (like fiber, laser and radio) while taking opportunities into account (a high building). The resulting solution resulted in 45 different locations being able to link together their dispersed administrative and service centres using a smart mix of radio, laser, fiber or cupper connections. This in turn triggered an initial investment of over 250,000 euro in 2006-2008 in excess of the LoG-IN budget.

Short description: 
Kortrijk/Courtrai region: connecting 40 government buildings in 6 municipalities
Intercommunale Leiedal