Artogather is an educational project set up by Noorderpoort College together with the Groningen Museum and the Biblionet, a consortium of libraries in the North Netherlands region. Artogather has been designed especially for students with a low-grade education, who have never really been in contact with the arts and therefore need a special approach to arouse their interest. Broadband facilities make it possible for these students to take their first steps into art education.

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Broadband facilities enable students to take their first steps in art education
Noorderpoort College

Community Network Groningen


Community Network is a glass fibre network in the whole city of Groningen. It is an 'open network': the infrastructure is separate from the services. A connected organization is free to choose any service supplier on Groningen Internet Exchange (GN-IX). This improved market competition considerably. Prices have gone down and supply has grown: about 30 suppliers offer their services at GN-IX.

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A glass fibre network aimed at better competition in the local telecom-market and a growing number of users with access to affordable broadband connections
Noorderpoort college



Today students at universities and in higher education are offered, and required to use, a rapidly increasing number of electronic services. This means that students are forced to remember a multitude of user IDs, passwords and login procedures. A lot of time is spent on logging into different mail systems, trying to find passwords and links to various sites.

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e-Me, your assistant managing broadband services
Boras University
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