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People and businesses need to know not only what services local administrations provide but also where the nearest services are. This is not just about what is geographically nearest as they may exist on the edge of a service delivery or catchment area so the location which serves them may not be nearest in terms of miles. A service has been created on Norfolk County Council's website http://www.whereilive.norfolk.gov.uk/LocalView/ which allows people to put in their address and then click on the services they are interested in. This shows them the nearest point providing the service. This is currently getting thousands of hits a week. This is linked to my Norfolk Digital Challenge bid www.my.norfolk.gov.uk. It is innovative in the way the data does not have to be hand-coded for each service but can use tools to extract it from existing geospatial databases. The service was developed for Norfolk with ESRI and is now commercially available to other authorities.

Short description: 
A service allowing people to find their nearest service on a map online
Norfolk County Council